How can I make sure that the image I have chosen can be printed on the canvas in the size I require?

If you have any concerns regarding the printing of the image in your required size you can email your image to Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.

How can I add effects to my image?
You can add different effects to your image through a canvas creating application on our web site which starts once you begin creating your canvas.

What if I am not sure about how my image will look in the end after applying the style, image and wrap that I have chosen for my canvas?
No need to worry if you are not sure about the effect, style or wrap that you have selected. The canvas creating application for designing and ordering your canvas gives you a preview option at every step which allows you to try multiple options on your canvas and then decide what you want in the end.

What if I am confused about the final look? How my canvas will look in the end when placed on the wall of my house or office?
For every canvas you create, you will be given an option to preview it in various different background settings. This will give you a rough idea about how your canvas will look like in real life.

If the image I want on my canvas is not in digital format, will I be able to get it printed?
If your image is not in digital format you can get the images scanned at home or professionally. You can then simply upload them to create your customized canvas.


What materials do you use for frame structure?
We use kiln dried wooden stretcher frames.

What is the thickness of the frame?
The frame thickness is around 3.8 cm.

What measure do you take to avoid pressing and denting of frames during delivery?
The frames are structured in such a way that pressing and denting of the frame is totally avoided. The frames are also packed with lots of care to avoid breakage and pressing during delivery process.

Canvas Printing Material

Which material is used for printing?
Just4Canvas prints on a high quality matte cotton canvas material of 360 GSM. If you have any other specific requirement regarding the material, you can let us know at

Do you apply any protective material against weather or dust on the canvas to increase its life?
All canvas prints by Just4Canvas are coated with a protective layer to protect the canvas against weather, water and dust.

Which printer and ink is used for printing on canvas?
Epson Printers with genuine inks are used for canvas printing.

Canvas Wrapping

What is canvas wrapping and what types of canvas wraps are available?
Canvas wrapping means how your canvas will be wrapped around the edges and sides of the frame. Types of wraps available are:
1. Solid Colour Wrap: The sides of the canvas frame will be of a solid colour of your choice.
2. Gallery Wrap: The sides of the frame will be a continuation of your image.
3. Mirror Wrap: The sides of the canvas frame will be a mirror of your image.

Canvas Care

How do I keep my canvas surface clean and dust-free?
Clean your canvas with a light vacuum brush to get a clean and dust free surface.

How can I maximize my canvas life?
Save your canvas from moisture, water, dust and direct sunlight and your canvas will last for many years.

Payment and Delivery

Which payment method do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.

What is the delivery cost?
Delivery varies for different parts of UK. There may be an additional charge for delivery outside UK.

What is the delivery time?
From the time your order is made, it can take between 5 to 7 working days to deliver.Please also note that shipping time may vary if there is a delay in response from your side against any inquiry, if there is, regarding to the order of the canvas you have placed, or if there is a delay from courier. if you’ve still not received your order a week after the dispatch date we will re-print and resend at no extra cost.

Do you deliver to PO boxes?
Yes we do deliver to PO Boxes.