Single Image On Single Canvas Print

This is our most popular option. This option will place your image on a single canvas and has many sizing options, please see pricing page

How do I order a single photo on a single canvas panel?

Step 1 - Start Canvas

start canvas

Click On "START A CANVAS NOW", you will be redirected to START CANVAS screen if you are the first time visitor. If you have already created a canvas before, you will be redirected to a screen where you will see the list of all existing canvases so you can edit/delete any existing canvas, or start a new canvas.

Step 2 - Choose Canvas Style

canvas style

Click on single image on single canvas option.

Step 3 - Choose Canvas Wrap


Please click on a wrapping option. 

Step 4 - Upload Photos

upload photo

Upload your images by browsing from your computer, Facebook, Instagram or Google plus. Please note Facebook, Instagram and Google plus photos are often compressed and the end result will be much better if you have the original uncompressed image on your camera or computer. Just upload your photos on this page. Choose the photo you wish to print by clicking on it and then click on the next button.

Step 5 - Customise Canvas

customise canvas

You can choose size, give effect to your picture, rotate picture and position the image. Please click next to continue.

Step 6 - Preview & Order

preview and order

Ths final step allows you to preview your canvas print in a variety of environments. You can also save a screen shot of this to show your friends of post on Facebook! When done previewing just click Add To Cart. Once you have added the item to the shopping cart you can continue creating more canvas prints by clicking "Continue Shopping" or you can proceed through checkout to finalise your order.